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Coaches Corner:

2015 Message from Coach Casey
2015 Coach Yvette Bio
2015 Coach Emma Bio
2015 Coach Megan Bio

Swim Team Committee:

Dennis Brown

League Representative/ Meet Director
Yvette Barrios

Elvira Wilkinson

Julia Beach

Volunteer Coordinator
Myriam Levy

Assistant Volunteer Coordinator
Mindy Brill

Clothing Representative
Amelia & Ryan Rietzel

Team Spirit Coordinator
Jackie Martinez

Facilities Manager
Carlos Barrios

Canteen Manager
Beth Larsen


Event Canteen Manager
Julie Fick

Fundraising Coordinator
Laura Jenkins

Activities Coordinator
Yolanda Morales

Dennis Brown

Dennis Brown

Dolphin Mail

2016 Swim Dates

6/25/16 Valencia Hills @ OOI Dolphins

7/9/16 Summit Seals @ OOI Dolphins

7/16/16 All Teams Championship @ Valencia Hills


Please note that Dolphin Family Set-Up time has been moved to 7:45 pm, tonight. We are doing this to allow our set-up committee enough time to prepare the pool deck. Please respect this time. The Dolphin families will be on the near side of the pool and the Waves will be on the lifeguard side of the pool. Please respect their space and do not set up on their side.

You can also set up on the grass area tomorrow and certain areas in the upper deck. Thank you.


Dolphin Communication 06/20/2016

Hello Dolphin Families,

Great job to all our Dolphin swimmers for swimming their hearts out this past Saturday against the Old Orchard II Sharks !  The Sharks won 540 to 245. This meet saw many great races and many improvements from time trials.

I would like to take this time to thank all our wonderful volunteers for their hard work at last Saturday's swim meet. The team counts on parental involvement to help run a swim meet and to help maintain our excellent swim program for our children. Thanks again! The swimmer times from both Time Trials and the Sharks swim meet will be posted on the window nearest the "Dolphin Cantina" by Tuesday.

League and Team Records

I wanted to congratulate and acknowledge the following swimmers as a new Team Record was broken at our meet against the Old Orchard II Sharks, Congratulations goes out to:


No league records were broken at this meet.


·          Boys 15-16 50 Butterfly
OLD Record:      Adam Osowski – Final Time 25.85
NEW Record:     Adam Osowski – Final Time 25.55

·As we approach our second meet, the following are some important reminders for the remainder of this week:

ON-LINE VOLUNTEER SIGN-UP – We still have lots of volunteer slots open for our meet against the Valencia Hills Waves. Any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated – CLICK HERE !  In order to assure the success of our summer swim program, the team counts on extensive parent involvement. It takes over 50 volunteers to run a swim meet and Parent Volunteers are critically needed.  Please sign-up for at least one volunteer position and help assure that we maintain our excellent program.

Taco Tuesday – Tuesday, June 21 st . – From 5:00pm-6:30pm.

Adults are $8.00 and kids 10 and under are $3.00. Menu: Your choice of two soft or crisp shelled beef or grilled chicken tacos, rice and beans, chips and salsa and lemonade.

This fundraiser allows the Dolphins to maintain supplies such as stop watches, sun canopies, pace clock, lane lines, and more.

Dolphin Lawn Art – Thursday, June 23 rd - 4:00pm – 6:00pm Clubhouse lawn area.

Swim team members will be able to paint their own Dolphin lawn stake. $15.00 Cash only, paid in advance. We have extended the deadline until tonight June 20 th . You can pay Yolanda Morales or Elvira Wilkinson.

Valencia Hills Waves @ OOI Dolphins ( HOME MEET) – We are the home team so our warm-up time is from 7:30am-7:50am, PLEASE ARRIVE AT 7:20am. Our meet will start promptly at 8:30am at the OOI swimming pool.   Also, if your swimmer will be missing this meet please notify your coach ASAP or write your swimmers name on the Missing Meet poster located in the entryway of the clubhouse.

FAMILY SET-UP – For families who want to set-up on Friday evening, the assigned time is 7:45 pm on Friday, June 24 th for Dolphin families to set-up their individual chairs and canopies. Please respect this Family Set-Up time as the Set-up committee needs time to get the pool ready for the meet!

Please Donate Ice and Water – The Dolphin swim team can really use ice and waters for this upcoming swim meet. Please bring in any bags of ice and/or bottled waters you can spare. You can drop them off at the OO1 Clubhouse this Friday night.

Parents, please remind the children that our main focus is to have FUN! We want all of our Dolphin swimmers to have a great time and to maintain the OOI Tradition of setting a good example of sportsmanlike conduct and behavior.  Please feel free to contact any of the swim committee members with any questions you may have about the season and upcoming even ts.  Most members of the OOI Swim Team Committee are always at the swim team practices or contact information is located on our website :



See you around the pool…



Dolphin Communication 06/12/2016

Hello Dolphin Families,


It was great seeing all the swimmers and families show up to our second time trials. We saw some great improvements in just one week. We also witnessed one of the most entertaining team pictures in Dolphin's history. We are hoping those 6 and unders will be providing many more years of entertainment.

Our coaches and our kids have been working really hard for our first meet this Saturday, GO DOLPHINS!

We still need to fill some volunteer positions at this meet. Please click on the following link to help make this meet happen.

Dolphins vs Sharks Away Meet Volunteers


Activities for the week.


Round Table Pizza Fundraiser

Tuesday, June 14 th 2:00-9:00pm

No need to cook this night. Instead join the Dolphin Swim Team families in having a pizza night out. The kids have a great time seeing each other outside of the pool.

23254 Lyons Avenue Newhall CA 91321 661-222-1199

Round Table Pizza will give the Dolphin swim team 20% of all orders placed between 2:00-9:00pm, including carryout and delivery. Remember to place your receipts in the fundraising box by the cashier.

You do not need to bring a copy of the flyer.

Round Table Flyer


Moonlight Madness

Wednesday, June 15 th 8:00 - 9:00pm

Practice will remain the same time for the 8 and under groups (3:30-4:30pm) Everyone else is invited to attend our Moonlight Madness Practice where we will swim a little, have a snack, and save time to play around the pool. Get ready to mix it up with some Moonlight Madness!


Movie on the Lawn (10 and Unders)

Thursday, June 16 th 7:30 pm – end of movie

Movie TBA – please bring your lawn chair or blanket as we will be on the grass. Popcorn will be served


Fun Friday

Friday, June 17 th (All Swimmers)

~ Dolphin tattoos , nail polish and "Good Luck" banners at upper deck after Friday practice.


~ Dolphin chair setup at Sharks Pool . 8:30 PM Friday Night June 17th. Please be respectful of the other team and do not try to get in early to set up your chairs and canopies.


SATURDAY, June 18 th First Meet OO2 Sharks vs. OO1 away meet


We are the visiting team and our warm-up time is from 7:50am-8:10am, PLEASE ARRIVE AT 7:45am . Please make sure that you have your Dolphin Swim suit or Navy blue suit. Our meet will start promptly at 8:30 am.

OO2 Sharks Clubhouse Address: 23919 Avenida Entrana, Valencia, CA 91355


If your child will not be attending this meet, and you haven't submitted the Absent Form, please inform Coach Megan ASAP!! Or please reply to this email. We will also be putting a list up in front of the lifeguard's office that you can add your swimmer's name on it, if they are unable to attend.





Team Taco Night

Tuesday, June 21 st 5:00-6:30 pm

Join us for your choice of beef or chicken tacos, rice and beans, chips and salsa and lemonade. $8.00 for adults and $3.00 for kids 10 and under. This is a team fundraiser so bring your entire family and come hungry!



Movie on the Lawn (11 and over)

Wednesday, June 22nd 7:30 – end of movie

Movie TBA – please bring your lawn chair or blanket as we will be on the grass. Popcorn will be served.



Dolphin Team / Parent Hike

Thursday, June 23 rd 8:00 – 9:00 am

Led by Yolanda Morales. We will meet at the parking lot at Towsley Canyon and go for a 2.5 mile hike. Wear sunscreen and bring water. (Not required, but fun)


Thank you,

The Dolphin Swim Team Committee




Welcome to the 2016 Dolphin Season!

Our 2016 Dolphin Swim Season is finally here and weekly communications have begun!  Our official season begins with practices starting tomorrow,  Tuesday, May 31st

We would like to welcome our 2016 Dolphin coaching staff.

Head Coach - Megan Schultz Assistant Coaches-  Yvette Castaneda, Alex Cardia and Jessie Kim. 

2016 Practice Schedule


Some of the swimmers in the above link may be moved to different groups at the discretion of the coaching staff. They will be looking at the swimmer's skill levels, personalities, and the amount of swimmers showing up per each group. Please be respectful of the coaches during practice and allow them to teach. If you have any concerns with group assignments, you can talk with Coach Megan in between practice sessions or before and after practice. You can also email her at Mymeganschultz@yahoo.com .

This schedule will change when Coach Yvette arrives June 10th. We will be providing an updated schedule later next week to reflect another coach in the water. The children's starting swim times will not be changed due to another coach. Just the size of some of the groups will be adjusted.

We will be also adding a morning practice session for the older swimmers. This will take place approximately June 10th. Information about this will be provided later next week.

~An important announcement, if you have  NOT  registered your child for this year's swim season, your child  CANNOT swim at practice on Tuesday (all registration paperwork and fees need to be received in order for your child to participate).  Last day to register a swimmer for the 2016 swim season is June 14th ; please contact Elvira Wilkinson at (661) 259-3523.  Registration documents are available on our website  http://www.oldorchard1.org/Dolphin_Swim/2016DolphinRegistrationPacket.pdf  and/or can be picked-up in the OOI Clubhouse Office.

Gentle reminders:
PLEASE BRING YOUR POOL CARDS!!! You will not be allowed into the clubhouse without your pool cards! 

  • Swim Suits  - Deadline to order swimsuits has passed.   If you ordered a new swimsuit, it will arrive before picture day.
  • Note :  Team suits from last year that do not fit your swimmer, if you are willing to donate it and/or sell to the team for resale, please let me know. Please feel free to post on the Dolphin Facebook page if you have an extra suit or if you are looking for one.  www.facebook.com/OO1Dolphins .  You can also mention it to Dennis Brown, Mindy Brill, Elvira Wilkinson, Yolanda Morales, and Amelia Rietzel when you see us on the pool deck. We will try to match lightly used suits with new swimmers. We can also suggest where you can get one of similar style. 
  • First Time Trials  – Will be held on Saturday, June 4 th  from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. (with warm-ups beginning at 8:30 a.m.)
  • Heat Seaters  - We need trained heat seaters for all the swim meets. If you interested in learning how to volunteer as a heat seater, please contact Mindy at  spxguru@yahoo.com . We will be also adding a signup link at  OOI - Dolphin Volunteers  in the next couple days. 
  • Website - Over the next couple days the website will be updated to reflect the 2016 season. I apologize for any inconvenience. 
  • Otter Pops  - After practice ends the Dolphins have a long standing tradition of handing out Otter Pops at the Dolphin Cantina. The kids love them after a good practice. We would appreciate any donations of Otter Pops. They can be left with the front office if you don't see a committee member on deck.  We will need parents to help out handing them out at the end of each practice. 

~ We will need your  help to run our home and away swim meets.  We will be releasing the volunteer sign-up link for every swim meet except for championships in the next few days.  Please feel free to ask Mindy or Myriam about any of the positions listed.  We can train parents for most jobs in less than 5 minutes and can even make suggestions to you based on any limitations / interests.
We are looking for items that can be used as BINGO prizes for the kids (toys, gift cards, movie tickets, etc) and donations of Otter Pops to be given out to Dolphin swimmers after PM practices. Please give items to any member on the swim team committee or drop them off at the OOI Clubhouse Office .  

Please remember, it is US parents (through our giving and donating) that make the season successful and fun for our kids. Parents, feel free to contact any of the swim committee members with any questions you may have about the season and the upcoming events.  Most members of the OOI Swim Team Committee are always at the swim team practices. Our contact information is located on our website:   www.oldorchard1.org/Dolphin_Swim/swimteam.htm    Also, please take the time and introduce yourself to the swim team Coaches, Committee Members, Dolphin Parents, and then sit back, relax, and enjoy the season! 

See you around the pool…

Dennis Brown
Dolphin Swim Team Manager

Swimmer of the Week - Week 4


Swimmer of the Week - Week 3


Swimmer of the Week - Week 2



Swimmer of the Week - Week 1



Swimmer of the Week / Championship Week 2014



Apologies to the above swimmers for not recording their achievements on this site during the 2014 season.



Some of the fun that we had in 2014

Coaches Being Introduced to the Ice Bucket Challenge

Swimmers of the week - Meet 3

Dolphins Enjoying the "Mile Fly Breakfast" at IHOP

We are so proud of these kids and the wonderful coaches.

Bingo Night July 2nd

Dolphin Families Enjoying the Beach

The Inner Dolphins Come Out

Dolphins Having Fun at Jump 5150

Swimmers of the Week - Meet 2

Fun Friday and Pizza!!!

Thank you to the Land Family for a fun Pizza Night.


Water Aerobics


Swimmers of the Week - Meet 1


This is Your 2014 Dolphin Swim Team

Communication 06-13-14



Dolphin History

The swim team is open to residents of Old Orchard I who are between the ages of 4 through 16.  We are part of a network of local neighborhoods that formed a league with friendly competition. The Dolphin organization strives to give our children an opportunity to acquire and improve their swimming skills in a competitive environment while at the same time generating a strong sense of community sprit.  The program is only six weeks long!

In order to assure its success, the team counts on extensive parent involvement.  It takes over 50 volunteers to run a swim meet and volunteers are also needed to help with swim team social activities.  Please sign-up for at least one volunteer position and help assure that we maintain our excellent program.

Come be a part of a team with a winning tradition!                      


Revised: 06/24/15