Old Orchard I - Privacy Statement


Street Trees

  1. Only approved City street trees may be planted within the City Right of Way (ROW)
  2. Each street has a "designated" street tree, which is to be the species planted unless other wise approved by the director.
  3. Standard ROW for Old Orchard I is a 12-foot easement, meaning any tree within 12 ft is considered a City street tree (unless an unapproved tree has been planted without a permit, which resident can be responsible to remove at homeowners expense)
  4. The Urban Forestry Div has a 5- year pruning cycle (this means that the City is divided up into 13 different zones, your area will be pruned 1 time every 5-years)
  5. At no cost to the resident, City contractors or City staff maintains City trees. If the resident wishes to have service between the 5 year cycle, then the resident has the option of calling the Urban Forestry Division and request service or request a permit be issued to have service from a private contractor at the homeowners expense.  The permit may be denied for the following reasons.
  6. City staff has determined maintenance is not needed.
  7. Private contractor may not meet minimum requirements:
License, bonded, insured
Certified Arborist under the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA)

The permit for tree service is issued at no cost to the resident, but MUST be on-site during work on City Tree.  Please note that any maintenance on a city tree MUST be done according to ISA standards.

This information is to be used only as a guideline

The copy of City Ordinance 90-15 designated for street trees has the final say and explains in detail ALL INFORMATION REGARDING STREET TREES within the City of Santa Clarita. Residents of Old Orchard I are invited to call me at anytime for questions regarding street trees.

Please remember that NO City tree may be removed without a permit, a $500 fine may be imposed.

Are you missing a street tree?

If so, the Urban Forestry Division will plant at no cost, up to a 24” box tree in the 12’ city Right-of-Way in your front yard.

For more information please CLICK HERE to visit the City of Santa Clarita's website or to contact call (661) 294-2567.